Connect ShowCenter To ContentHub

This article will explain how to pair ShowCenter to a specific ContentHub server.

This action should be taken whenever setting up a show computer for the first time at a conference or whenever the computer needs to be changed to point to a different ContentHub server. The process will start differently depending on if the computer already has been connected to a ContentHub server or not.

PresentMore is not a centralized (multi-tenant) cloud application like many service today. Each ContentHub server is its own distinct instance. This enables added deployment flexibility but it means that a new installation of ShowCenter will not know right out of the box what server to connect to.

These steps can be taken one at a time to ease the deployment process, on different days, or in different locations.

Find the ContentHub BASE URL


  • An active ContentHub application

To find the BASE URL, log into the specific ContentHub server in use for the conference. The BASE URL is the specific section of the URL shown here and includes the initial protocol (it is usually https://) and up to but not including the path (in this case /about).

In this case, the BASE URL would be

(optional) Disconnect from an existing ContentHub


  • ShowCenter installed
  • ShowCenter was previously connected to another ContentHub server

This step is only needed if the ShowCenter application is connected to a server

This step can also help troubleshooting if there are any issues connecting

To connect to a new server, if the app is running, click on the settings cog

Click on the “Logout” button

Click on the “Change” button

Connect to a new server


  • An active ContentHub application
  • An installed ShowCenter application

Type in or Paste the URL of the ContentHub Server and click “Next”

Click the blue hyperlink on the laptop


Access this link on a separate computer

After navigating to the link, and logging into the ContentHub application a screen titled “Link Conference Room” will appear. Type in the code from the ShowCenter application in here and it will immediately authorize the computer to that server

Associate ShowCenter with a Room


  • ShowCenter installed and linked to a ContentHub application in steps above
  • ShowCenter was previously connected to another ContentHub server
  • Rooms have been created in ContentHub

Click on one of the rooms to associate that computer with a specific room.

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