How To Change My Password and Sign in Methods

This article will explain how to change your password and sign in methods. Go to the “my account” hyperlink in the top right and checking out how to view their account security and modify (password, 2FA, links, logout sessions). You can recover your account, and your password etc.

How To Change Your Password

1. Click person icon in top right corner

2. Click “My Account”

3. Within the “Account Security” Tab, Click “Signing in”

4. Setup and Update Password and Two-factor Authentication

Device Activity & Linked Accounts

To check devices that have logged into your account, click “Device Activity” tab

To sign out other devices, click “Sign out device”

Next to device that you want to sign out, or click “Sign out all devices” near top of page to sign out of all devices, including current device

To check linked accounts, click “Linked Accounts” tab

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