How To Upload A Presentation

This article will explain how to upload a presentation inside of ContentHub. Each presentation is unique, and is associated with you, the presenter, and the session/room that you are assigned to. When you login to ContentHub, if do not see all the presentations you should contact your event organizer.

While most presentations are PowerPoint file (.pptx or .ppt) or PDF files, your presentation can be any type of file, and will be pushed to the session room exactly as you have uploaded it. Keep in mind that if you upload a non-standard file type the computer in the session room may not have the appropriate software program to open it. Contact your event organizer if you have questions about the files your conference is expecting.

When uploading your PowerPoint, if you choose to include any embedded media, custom fonts, or images be sure that that data is all bundled into the presentation file. Checkout this article on how to include custom fonts in your PowerPoint file.

Uploading via drag and drop or click

The first step in the process of using ContentHub us to upload your presentation itself. You can either drag a file into the specified area on the page, or click it into select the file you’d like to upload.

  • Drag your presentation file here and drop it in.
  • Or simply click to select a file from folder.

A presentation is a single file.

ContentHub allows you to upload multiple files to your Presentation, but only the most recent upload is considered your actual file. When you upload a new file, it will be labeled as “Latest”.

An example of what the upload page may look like for a presentation with multiple online versions.

You can delete the latest version, and the second latest becomes the latest.

Click the Trash icon to delete a file. When you do that, the file with the next newest date stamp will become the Latest – and will be the file pushed to the room.

If you have multiple files, you will need to combine them or work with the conference organizers.

Each Presentation inside of PresentMore is assumed to be a single file. If your presentation needs multiple files then it may deviate from the assumed method of presentation.

Verify or Download Any Version

Once your file has been uploaded it has been received by ContentHub and is ready for presenting! If for any reason you’d like to download your file to verify you uploaded the correct one click the “Download” button and the file will download to your system’s typical download location.

If you make any edits to this file be sure to re-upload it to ContentHub, making this new version the latest!

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