About PresentMore

PresentMore is the next generation of Presentation Management software. Presentation management software has been around for a long time and we took on the task of bringing it into the new software era.

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Where It All Started…

We started with a rock solid tool for presentation uploading, downloading, organization, and approvals that we call ContentHub

We then decided, you know what…this could be even better. So we developed another tool we call ShowCenter which is your presentation recording and distribution tool. It connects your on site presenters to ContentHub so they can give their presentations. With these two tools working in harmony, it already completely changes the way presentation management works.

However, we then decided to push it one step further and add the ability to record presentations as part of the ShowCenter tool offerings. 

This ability to upload, distribute, and record presentations in a single platform is a revolution for the presentation management software landscape. Whether you’re an event producer, an association content manager, or even an educational institution, PresentMore will help you present like a pro. 

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