Presentations In PresentMore

This article explains the movement of an uploaded file inside of PresentMore when ContentHub and ShowCenter are utilized on an event site.

PresentMore is a suite of applications that streamlines and simplifies file delivery for a live event. Once you upload your file inside ContentHub (How To Upload A Presentation) your file is stored on the secure PresentMore server until your event date and time.

Once uploaded, you can access from any computer.

As a cloud based application ContentHub can be accessed anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

If you need to edit your file after you’ve uploaded it, just upload a new version. No need to save multiple copies to a flash drive, or email files to yourself. Let ContentHub become the primary storage location for your presentation.

The conference has chosen to utilize PresentMore’s suite of applications on their event because it simplifies and organizes all content submissions for the event. It eliminates the issues of files not being ready for sessions, encrypted USB drives not loading onto machines, and generally helps the conference continue on schedule at scale.

No need to bring presentation to session on a thumbstick

When you arrive on the show site you will NOT be able to utilize your own computer, and you will not be able to load your file directly a computer in the session room itself.

Files must be uploaded to ContentHub in advance, or – if the event has planned for one – a Speaker Ready Room. The Speaker Ready room is staffed by PresentMore and PowerPoint experts who can assist with any aspect of file or presentation workflow. If you upload or edit your file in the speaker ready room it will automatically and instantly be delivered to your session room.

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