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  • How To Change My Password and Sign in Methods

    This article will explain how to change your password and sign in methods. Go to the “my account” hyperlink in the top right and checking out how to view their account security and modify (password, 2FA, links, logout sessions). You can recover your account, and your password etc. How To Change Your Password 1. Click […]

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  • Logging into ContentHub for the first time

    This article explains how to login to ContentHub for the first time. After your conference organizers add you to the ContentHub Portal they will extend an invite to you via the e-mail address they have on file. 1. Invitation E-Mail After enrollment opens for the event you will receive an invite that looks similar to […]


  • Terms & Glossary

    PresentMore is a suite of applications designed to simplify and streamline the on site distribution of potentially thousands of presentations for a conference. While using these application(s) there are a variety of terms and industry jargon that may be referenced. PresentMore Terms PresentMore is a suite of applications that work together to assist event planners […]

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  • How To Change Profile Information

    This article will explain how to go to My Profile and make changes to your profile (as allowed by the conference). You can add a photo, title, disclosures, bio/etc. Note that many conferences will customize the amount of info that can be added. Depending on the conference planner’s template choices and design decisions, some of […]


  • Presentations In PresentMore

    This article explains the movement of an uploaded file inside of PresentMore when ContentHub and ShowCenter are utilized on an event site. PresentMore is a suite of applications that streamlines and simplifies file delivery for a live event. Once you upload your file inside ContentHub (How To Upload A Presentation) your file is stored on […]


  • How To Upload A Presentation

    This article will explain how to upload a presentation inside of ContentHub. Each presentation is unique, and is associated with you, the presenter, and the session/room that you are assigned to. When you login to ContentHub, if do not see all the presentations you should contact your event organizer. While most presentations are PowerPoint file […]

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