Terms & Glossary

PresentMore is a suite of applications designed to simplify and streamline the on site distribution of potentially thousands of presentations for a conference. While using these application(s) there are a variety of terms and industry jargon that may be referenced.

PresentMore Terms

PresentMore is a suite of applications that work together to assist event planners and technical teams with file dissemination on live event sites. PresentMore is made up of three different applications. Various support documentation and links and labels inside of the tools themselves reference other aspects of PresentMore.

  • ContentHub. ContentHub is the cloud based portal where presenters can upload their presentations and conference managers can create and manage schedules and sessions.
  • ShowCenter. ShowCenter is the local application that is installed on each computer in the session rooms themselves. ShowCenter pulls the information (presentation file, schedule, profile information, etc) from the ContentHub server and displays it in the rooms themselves. ShowCenter also is capable of recording the camera and video output of the rooms themselves.
  • CommandCenter. CommandCenter is an application that is used by the on-site AV technical team to assess and address issues in the rooms. CommandCenter is aware of the physical connections and status of the computers in each space, and can alert technical staff of any issues.

ContentHub Terms & Titles

  • Rooms. These reference physical spaces in the building and/or the name that the conference has chosen to be associated with said physical space. For example, Room 110 may house the “Continuing Education Symposium” course or track. PresentMore stores both pieces of data, and you associate or dissaccociate the conference name with the facility room as needed.
  • Sessions. Sessions are the names of the scheduled groups of presentations that happen in each Room of the building. Sessions can contain multiple presentations and presenters, and are designed to be the top level scheduling aspect of the granular presentations. PresentMore allows conference organizers to specify start times, end times, and the rooms that sessions will take place.
  • Presentations. Presentations are files that are associated with a session. A presentation is assumed to be a single file, not multiple. A presentation can be given by multiple Presenters, but must only be one specific file being presented. A presentation, when scheduled inside of ContentHub, can be given a start time and duration. Presentations can be sorted inside of a Session, either by their start time or arbitrary.
  • Presenters. Presenters are the individuals who are presenting inside of a session. They are giving presentations. Presenters are invited to ContentHub by the conference administrator

General Conference Terms

  • Speaker Ready Room. Some conferences choose to reserve a physical space in the building as a speaker ready room – or a room that speakers can go to to upload new presentations, edit their existing ones, or seek assistance with any technical element of the event. These rooms are staffed by PresentMore technicians and technicians from the hired AV company, who can assist presenters both with PresentMore questions and general PowerPoint or technical issues.
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